SIZE PLY / LSI Inches Inches RIM 32nd MAX PSI LBS
28x10R14 (255/70R14) 8 / 72J 28.19 9.5 7 19 18 795
30x10R14 (255/80R14) 8 / 76J 30.2 9.5 7 19 18 900
32x10R15 (255/85R15) 8 / 80J 32.2 9.5 7 19 18 1000

The EVIL*SBR was developed with a truck tire like tread in a non-directional steel belted 8-ply radial tire for a smooth ride and with a special long lasting compound for superior tread life.  The strong shoulder and sidewall tread add protection and traction in sand, dirt and rocks. The multi terrain design offers a great ride for any skill level rider and it is legal for ON and OFF road use.


  • Steel Belted 8-Ply Radial with Truck Tire type tread
  • Multi Terrain Design
  • Reinforced Sidewall and Rim Guard
  • Superior Puncture Resistance
  • Premium Compound for long tread life

1. High land to sea ratio provides superior driving control on hard terrain
2. Beveled edges on tread knobs enhance traction and performance
3. Step down tread knob design helps clear debris
4. Two-stage design of tire shoulder improves grip
5. Tread pattern extended to tire sidewall improves puncture resistance and performance on rugged terrain